Best way to keep Diabetes away

In digestion the role of our Saliva can never be overemphasised It is not our teeth munching food that secretes saliva but our tongue We have to use our tongue in munching food continuously before we swallow and you will notice that the more we use our tongue in churning the food the more saliva is secreted This process of actively using the tongue while having food will make eating a conscious effort and ensure full digestion Your carbohydrates will surely get digested well without any spike in sugar levels Keep eating with tongue involvement and surely diabetes will never haunt you for years MVGFCA

The Great Vibration and Nothing Else

With no effort You will teach the State of Great Vibration Before teaching this state tremendous effort was required Now it is available just for the asking Bless the World with all bounties benedictions and relief from suffering Bless all the people you know Bless the hills rivers mountains lakes and springs Bless the denizens of the forests the aliens in space the moon the sun and stars your vibration will travel trillions light years to light up the galaxies you are a Soul abundantly blessed MVGFCA

Mental Stress the Root Cause of Diabetes

We are always exerting either physically or mentally Whereas Physical exertion can result in reduces Blood sugar levels it is the mental exertion or stress that causes the spike is blood sugar level The way out is to reduce our mental exertion that is to always remain our mental composure To keep peace within ourselves mentally Perhaps through observing our breathing eliminating worrying thoughts and also accepting the realistic situation without mental or inner resistance Once you learn to maintain your inner calm you will notice that your blood sugar spikes will be eventually vanishing Mental stress is the disease of the present generation and the only way is to maintain inner peace and perhaps be happy and less serious in our lives Nothing is worth our worries MVGFCA

How to Defeat the Corona Virus

It is not the fault of the Anti biotic or fault of any of our medicines that Corona Virus is killing many of us It is our faulty Posture what? Yes lie on your bed without the pillow Your head and spine straight In two days you will be out of the pandemic Avoid The pillow at all times Keep the Head and spine in straight line Corona will vanish You will get rid of your cold Try it You will live longer MVGFCA


The Dance of the Goddess

Kali Kali Maha Kali Kalike Papanasini Sarva Kama Pradey Devi Narayani Namosthuthe Once SHE is Pleased She will come to dance on your Chest The Dance will go and on Don’t ask Her anything She will give knowing what you deserve Just enjoy the nimble footed dance You are the Jada and She is Shakti She will continue to dance as long as you want Her arms in all directions like the Electrons of an Atom Chant the mantra as you witness the Dance MVGFCA

Tax Reform Proposals

1 Merge Direct and Indirect Taxes Let there be only one Tax 2 Collect the unified Tax by way of TDS 5-7.5 % TDS on all Bank credits should be sufficient 4 No difference between capital and revenue receipts5 Since it is TDS Ease compliance burden by avoiding audits returns etc etc 6 More emphasis on end use of funds Audit power can be diverted in that direction7 TDS audit can be made mandatory for all individual accounts8one tax and one rate will simplify the tax laws and compliance MVGFCA

nd use of funds