Evaluating Religions

There is no need to pursue life after Death for that is not verifiable Heaven Hell Paradise or Moksha are meaningless if one has to undergo hell in this world Therefore all our efforts should be directed to make life healthy liveable and safe for all Humans living in this Planet Does your Religion provide that?

Religious discrimination should end thereby treating all Humans as equal We are all created by the same life Force which we all call GOD

This is the Heaven which GOD has promised nothing outside this world

We ourselves can make Heaven or .Hell in this World right here and right now and don’t praise or blame GOD for it We did not create this world It was there before us and will be there also after us Therefore we have GOD the CREATOR

Therefore only thing we should do is to strive for a Hunger free Healthy and Satisfying life for all Humans irrespective of their Nationality Tribe Creed or Colour or Race No Religion is Superior to another All are equal but all are dead wood without the element of Devotion Truthfulness and Love

So long


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