When the Spine is Stimulated

Here we are discussing about Spinal Stimulation

We must understand that the spine is an extension of the Brain and if stimulated properly will restore your Health both Physically and Spiritually

How to Stimulate the spine

First fix your attention at the base of the spine Concentrate till you get a tingling sensation At the beginning it will be weak but when it become constant and strong just enjoy the sensation for about 5 minutes Then visualise the various spinal nerves branching out in the base on both sides Spread the tingling to the various organs at the base even to the limbs and sole of the foot Let it be a two way process From the parts to the spine and vice versa Let this go on for about 4 minutes Now you have energised both the spine and lower body parts Next move up the spine at the area corresponding to pubic area Do the same kind of activation Next up the spine at a level with the Navel Do the same activation pay attention to the spinal nerves Next up the Spine to the chest centre level Here when you do the activation cover the Heart Lungs and the thyroid This will give you excellent sleep Next up the spine at the back of the throat pit Pay attention to the centre of the spine and the nerves coming out of the spine The physical level exist only upto the throat pit Now descend form throat to the base Do this 7 times at one sitting You will get rid of all your spinal problems

So long


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