How to pray and Bless

Positive Praying Means 1 Loving every part of your body and massaging every part with your mind 2 Sending Loving thoughts to your immediate family and blessing with good thoughts for health wealth and happiness3 Do the same blessing for your siblings parents relatives 4 Do the same blessing for your friends and neighbours 5 Next to your neighbourhood trees rivers fountains hills lakes birds and all animals and flora This way your positive blessings will cover the whole world 6 Forget and forgive thereby giving up all your stress 7 Live in the present Do not regret the past or be anxious about the future 8 Just give up your stress It is not worth it 9 Practice your prayers this way 10 You can cure yourself of your cancer Heart ailments and all ailments 11 Suggest yourself that you are getting better and better 12 All positivity and Loving kindness will reward with the best situation in Life MVGFCA


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