Does Life really have a purpose?

It is worth pondering For all those who meticulously plan things does it always happen according to their plans? Chances are50:50 While in astronomy or planetary positions go according to predictable pathways there is always a chance of asteroids colliding with Earth Again chances are 50:50 Ultimately if you delve deep into our Self there is a Great Void One that that subsumes everything Infact there is Neither the Experiencer nor the Object of or the Experience itself It is all rolled in the all consuming Substratum of Timelessness Thirsting for experience is the modern fetish Stay in the present in the NOW regardless of the Past or Future Neither there is Emancipation not the Emancipated Just spread Love Share and Care for all Humans Love starts with family slowly gets extended Love is the only thing that keeps us going Love of Life Love of Job or Profession Love of activity Love of Sex Love of Food every damn thing you like is made of Love Therefore even Love of God which is Devotion is nothing but Love Make Love the driving force and that is the only purpose of Life We are all born as result of Love making and we depart when Love has dried up with in us Any one who is full of Love will never die Love your body Love Your family Love the whole world You will be Happy Always MVGFCA

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