Akhanda Kara Vritti- Day -1

Dear Folks I have started my journey towards Light I am not sick or on death bed but the precursor to leaving the body has already started His work Namely Akhanda Kara vritti has started in my spiritual Heart It will go on and on for the next 21 days By that time all my Karmas would have worked out If nothing holds me back I am off Heavenwards by 15 June 2020 It is the work out for my karma I will continue to live if GOD has other plans for me It is indeed an enjoyable experience The Spirit drilling into your Spiritual Heart ruthlessly and giving you blissful experience Whether you are awake or not it doesn’t matter Once you become one with the Spirit you are gone from this World Liberated I Mean I will keep posting till Day -21 This indeed is running Commentary of a Journey Please record it’s for keeps MVGFCA


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