The irrelevance of Karma

When we die we are finished with this world It matters little whether or not takes another body For that person is a totally different entity and he or she or it goes through life It is totally unconnected with the dead person The Soul if at all if it exists has no physical existence Therefore to ascribe the bad or good traits in the present body to past deeds in earlier lives smacks of illogical thinking Only the present is real What we do in the present whether we make ourselves happy our family happy or others happy is entirely in our hands by making honest attempts That is all The result positive or negative is a product of the future It is not in our hands Manipulations and scheming always produces results to the scheming person and he or she enjoys the booty till they are found guilty Therefore do good to enjoy life don’t have the fear of Karma it has no relevance either in the present life or in the future for in the future we don’t exist after Death MVGFCA

Mdon’t exist after Death That’s All

One thought on “The irrelevance of Karma

  1. We christians did not believe in reincarnation, and I am agree with you theory.
    But Holly Bible says, soul will rest till Christ Jesus call again in his second arrivals on the judgement day for everlasting life or permanent destruction as per soul’s deed when he/she was alive. your opinion please.


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