Uncertainty in Life

One of the most intriguing things in life is its uncertainty Whether it will happen whether one will gain from a venture whether one will die or live All this will trigger anxiety and if positive results emerge it will be exciting Therefore Life is full of excitement or the opposite anxiety Even GOD knows not the outcome perhaps What to tell of humans So guys if life outcomes were predictable there would have been no excitement It would have been a rather dull and boring affair Just take it as it comes No one can have control over outcomes One outcome beats the other It is difficult to keep calm in these trying times Best thing is to practice Inner Silence Perhaps your Inner Light will show the way MVGFCA

Forget the Guilt

We are all guilty of having had failures Having Committed mistakes Forget the guilt Pass it on to the Lord He is there to make us free from the guilt Learn the lessons That’s all Think and move forward For all you know the Lord May amply reward us later All ways be grateful to everyone Even for the mistakes For they will make you feel stronger Forget the guilt Never be afraid Just own up and be ready for Success which will just around the corner MVGFCA


Self Realisation

Not many realised souls live after self realisation It starts as all consuming energy fire at the Spiritual Heart You will be a messenger Of GOD if at all you survive post realisation Perhaps the realised souls have so much antipathy to the World that they escape at the very first chance Any takers? Hope not MVGFCA

The Secret way to succeed in prayers

One has to be very casual about it God likes it that way You pray and then forget about it You will be surprised to find it granted If you are all the time engrossed in the problem then GOD is not free to act He is compelled to keep listening to you all the time Free HIM and forget about HIM HE will be back with Rewards Don’t be too serious Just be casual HE likes to be Happy and make people feel that way Seriousness spoils the fun and the prayers MVGFCA

A Cure for Insomnia

Just be aware of the incoming and outgoing breath at the nostrils Just observe the air striking the muscular middle of the nostrils Do this while lying down on the bed Do this for a few minutes Don’t make any count or visualisation Just do this You can do this even when you are awake It will calm your anxieties and relax you Do this quite often As much as you can you will observe that your life has changed This is an easy method to stop worrying Good Luck MVGFCA

Air is Life

In breathing just be aware of your breath More importantly exhale only half of what you inhale That will cure your depression Please never empty your lungs totally Just be aware of your breath it till the process of retention becomes automatic You will spring back to life MVGFCA

Eat everything that is edible

There is no logic in vegetarianism Of you are prevented from drinking milk because it is meant for the calf so also all fruits and vegetables because they are meant for multiplying their species Logically we are not supposed to enjoy them even because strictly they were not meant for humans They are meant for the birds and animals which will help in their seeds distribution So there is absolutely no logic in saying that all fruits and vegetables are meant for human consumption It only means that our food policy has always bring invasive and predatory and we have only to follow that course for our own survival There fore there is no logic in being only vegetarian because that is also a predatory approach Eat well drink well sleep well That’s ALL MVGFCA

Best Exercise for Diabetes Control

Cycling is the best exercise for various health issues particularly for diabetes The elliptical motion of the limbs burns out calories faster However many Seniors are too weak for the cycling exercise For them I recommend Virtual Cycling That is sitting in a chair or on the bed move your legs as if you are cycling This is better as you don’t have to combat the pedal resistance Do this in bouts of 2-3 minutes leaving breaks It takes an hour to show the effect in your blood Gradually increase the frequency and watch your blood sugar plummet If necessary consult your physician Thanks MVGFCA