The Dance of the Goddess

Kali Kali Maha Kali Kalike Papanasini Sarva Kama Pradey Devi Narayani Namosthuthe Once SHE is Pleased She will come to dance on your Chest The Dance will go and on Don’t ask Her anything She will give knowing what you deserve Just enjoy the nimble footed dance You are the Jada and She is Shakti She will continue to dance as long as you want Her arms in all directions like the Electrons of an Atom Chant the mantra as you witness the Dance MVGFCA

Tax Reform Proposals

1 Merge Direct and Indirect Taxes Let there be only one Tax 2 Collect the unified Tax by way of TDS 5-7.5 % TDS on all Bank credits should be sufficient 4 No difference between capital and revenue receipts5 Since it is TDS Ease compliance burden by avoiding audits returns etc etc 6 More emphasis on end use of funds Audit power can be diverted in that direction7 TDS audit can be made mandatory for all individual accounts8one tax and one rate will simplify the tax laws and compliance MVGFCA

nd use of funds

Towards Economic and Social Development ( Policies)

1Follow The Thailand Model to increase tourism and social freedom It will reduce crimes against Women2 Follow the same model with respect to import manufacture and sale of liquor Liberalise liquor policy3 Allow manufacture Sale and consumption of toddy Liberalise toddy sale It will boost farm income4 Remove restrictions on sale and consumption of all types of drugs Scrap outdated Narco Act 5 Provide unemployment benefits for Urban and rural youth6 Review Import/Export Policies Restrict Imports to the maximum MVGFCA

Ways to battle Economic Pandemic

In manufacturing industries increase labour deployment Please do not fire labour force Reduce Automation2 Allow CSR activities without much restrictions Allow expenditure on Social welfare without much approvals/delays 3 Reduce Incometaxes across the Board 4 Allow medical expenditure as deduction from personal income5 Allow carry backward of taxes paid for set off in cases of medical emergency for individuals 5 Restrict automation as reckless automation will hamper employment MVGFCA

The Technique to be Joyful

How can we joyful always?Irrespective of the external world Yes we can Only by expanding our consciousness outside our bodies and auto suggesting to be happy Instantly we become happy and joyful But we have to learn to expand our awareness That is How Lord Krishna could make thousands of Gopis ecstatic Not only expansion of the consciousness but also auto suggestion Reduce Inner resistance and conflict You will be always Happy MVGFCA

The consummate Self

As I pen this blog I am witnessing Akhandara Vritti Whether I like it or not it has started From all directions it has been focusing on a single point That is the Spiritual Heart The process is continuos All karmas Prarabdha and Sanchita are being burnt out I am enjoying the process It will go on and on till I emerge like a snake from its slough as Adi Sankara described the process Folks it is all true Only thing is that we should have the perseverance for it My 45 years of meditation is finally bearing fruit I write this blog as testimony to what the great saints Bhakthas and Yogis have already said a thousand times before Tat vam asi MVGFCA

No Effort required

Having strained every nerve to get Peace finally you come to a state where you can exert no more At that state the Divine Grace will fall on you Just allow the Grace to take over Don’t direct From Head to toe the Grace will rush to you from all Directions Just be in IT Ask nothing from IT It is always there from outside to inside and vice versa Just witness IT It has verily no Name It is the Only Reality Everything else is Bullshit Then you are one with the Supreme It requires only You You are dear to IT Nothing more Nothing Less