Mediation -Post Samadhi

Having Expanded Your consciousness beyond your body from that state just pay your attention towards your body You will realise that the entire Universe including your Body is full of Bliss the Entire Cosmos is Blissful full of Blissful Energy You immerse yourself in that Blissful Ocean That Satchitananda which is realised outside your body The Universal Spirit gives you the Gift of Bliss for reaching out for it It is indeed neither the state of Joy nor ecstasy but unconditional Bliss Please never never ask anything from it We have reached that State without asking anything let’s not spoil the party by demanding things worldly MVGFCA

SAMADHI- Expansion of Consciousness

Mediation on any object does not mean anything It only causes mental stress By continuous practice will you be able to transcend the body When your consciousness expands it will enter the realm of total Silence You will be thoughtless and relaxed Your mind will be still Go on for hours together Nothing to imagine Nothing to visualise They are all realms of the Ming The non-truth Expand your consciousness beyond the body into the Realm of Nirvikalpa This is the only Truth MVGFCA

Cultivate Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is the result of conscious effort Listen to your inner voice Not withstanding harsh realities outside cultivate the habit of Forgiveness It is bound to give you Peace By having Peace of mind you will lower your BP and Sugar levels Just auto suggest It will have everlasting placebo effect Cultivate always the effort to be peaceful consciously It is not automatic Know pretty well there are no perfect beings on this planet In the long run you will reap health benefits and be loved by All MVGFCA

Let Your Fire Burn

Unfortunately we have habituated to having coffee and tea regularly Break that habit Drink salted lemon juice or buttermilk instead By avoiding coffee and tea you are increasing your digestive power and reducing sugar levels You will easily control you diabetes Start now Throw away that coffee mug A coffee a day is ok but more than you are diabetic prone Look for alternatives natural drinks there are a dime a dozen Try it out folks it is worth a try MVGFCA

Be a Celibate .Conserve IT

No Guru or master will tell this truth Because it is difficult and highly unpopular He or She will lose their following soon Dear Brothers and sisters Celibacy will improve your immunity help weight loss by throwing out logged in water and make your body light For doing this you got to take your mind off sex Direct it towards GOD That’s all try it out for 2 months You will find that everything in life will be within your control May GOD Bless us ALL MVGFCA


Change your GOD

If after continuous prayers for years your suffering does not end then you are worshipping the wrong GOD If you rich and happy then you are in the right Godly company If you have won a jackpot in your old age then your god is a sadistic one but good for your children If you have no children quit your GOD Try praying to another one for another religion There are specific Gods for specific roles For some Jesus works for some Shiva works This note is for all seekers both material and spiritual so you need to know which one works for you All Gods don’t work for everyone universally FYI Please MVGFCA



Meditation without Autosuggestion ? Useless!

Mere awareness of Kundalini at various chakras is useless for it leads you nowhere There should be invocation or auto suggestion For example you invoke peace then it

will descend within you You ask for sleep then you will feel sleepy Therefore autosuggestion plays an important part in meditation to have the desired effect you must invoke To make meditation personal and successful please end with deep invocation and feel it happening within you MVGFCA

Best way to keep Diabetes away

In digestion the role of our Saliva can never be overemphasised It is not our teeth munching food that secretes saliva but our tongue We have to use our tongue in munching food continuously before we swallow and you will notice that the more we use our tongue in churning the food the more saliva is secreted This process of actively using the tongue while having food will make eating a conscious effort and ensure full digestion Your carbohydrates will surely get digested well without any spike in sugar levels Keep eating with tongue involvement and surely diabetes will never haunt you for years MVGFCA