Total Freedom

In the best meditative practice one has to free the mind from all thoughts objects of thoughts concepts and delusions Even ones beliefs will have to abandoned Then only you will be ever ever free That alone is Meditation Rest all hogwash MVGFCA

Eat always Light

Please note that for diabetics heavy break fast lunch or dinner is passé We should always eat light and not full stomach Above exercise and medicines diet is the most important Eat minimum carbohydrates more of protein and fat Your sugar levels are controllable through a fistful of fenugreek taken before break fast and dinner Let’s take a break from health and enjoy life MVGFCA

3 Times Diabetic Meditation / Diabetic Cure

So you are confirmed with Diabetes No problem You have taken your medication Yet your blood sugar is high No Problem There are normally 3 things the doctors say normally 1 exercise 2 Diet 3 Medication but now I add the fourth that is Saliva Meditation After each breakfast lunch and dinner please sit down and think about all the sweet stuff you like You will immediately start salivating in your mouth Swallow the saliva Remember you are only imagining the sweet stuff Keep on salivating for the next 30 minutes Do this Saliva mediation 3 times daily Your sugar levels will drop to prediabetic levels This mediation will help you control your sugars Personally from random 193 I was able to bring my sugar to 177 within 20 minutes That too I had real sugary stuff Therefore Salivating is the Diabetic Cure MVGFCA

The Right way to Eat

Shocking 👌👌👌but true It doesn’t matter what you are eating but it is the way you eat The Right way is to have half mouthfuls and churn it with your tongue as many times till the food mixed with the saliva becomes like a syrup Then only swallow the food It takes its time but it is good for your diabetes and a whole lot of diseases This is the cure for all diseases Use your tongue actively generating more and more saliva Don’t eat food piping hot Just generate full saliva That is really the NECTAR Try it for a while The Results will speak for me MVGFCA

The Call of GOD and HIS BLISS

It is all consuming The call of the Spiritual Heart Once awakened it never lets you down It invites you You dive into its timeless existence It may be for a few hours days or for ever You are in the Lap of GOD It knocks you off You don’t exist apart from it He takes care of you I mean good care That indeed is the summation of your Existence That is the Spiritual Heart Love It Love Divine❤️❤️❤️

Mediation -Post Samadhi

Having Expanded Your consciousness beyond your body from that state just pay your attention towards your body You will realise that the entire Universe including your Body is full of Bliss the Entire Cosmos is Blissful full of Blissful Energy You immerse yourself in that Blissful Ocean That Satchitananda which is realised outside your body The Universal Spirit gives you the Gift of Bliss for reaching out for it It is indeed neither the state of Joy nor ecstasy but unconditional Bliss Please never never ask anything from it We have reached that State without asking anything let’s not spoil the party by demanding things worldly MVGFCA